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Zeolites Suppliers in India
Pawan ChemicalsMumbai, IndiaSupplier of zeolites like crystalline zeolites and industrial grade zeolites. Also offering hydrogen peroxide, titanium dioxide, sodium hydro sulfite, paraffin wax, lithopone, pthalic anhydride and sodium tripolyphosphate.
Call: +(91)-8373903391
Shakti Oils & FatsHowrah, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of natural zeolite. Also offering chemical products, ethyl acetate, dense soda ash, caustic soda, natural zeolite & cashew nut shell liquid.
Call: +(91)-8376806695
Acuro Organics Ltd, New DelhiNew Delhi, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of zeolites, zeolites, acid inhibitor, activated carbons, biocide actives, boiler chemicals range & bulk chemicals from India.
Call: +(91)-8373903549
Nikunj ChemicalsVadodara, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of zeolite zsm5. Also offering ammonium citrate, anti foaming agent, azodicarbonamide, clc foaming agent & calcium carbonate.
Call: +(91)-9953364719
S.P. EnterprisesBengaluru, IndiaWe are exporter & wholesaler of zeolites, zeolites. We also offer acids and chemicals, agro chemicals & micro nutrients, alphabet c, alphabet m & alphabet p.
Call: +(91)-9643204880
Astrra ChemicalsChennai, IndiaWe are a leading manufacturer & exporter of zeolite. We also deal in manganese oxides, asbestos, stone powder, silica powder & metakaolin from India.
Call: +(91)-8377802504
Welcome ChemicalsMumbai, IndiaManufacturer & trader of zeolite. Also offering agro products, chemical compounds, industrial chemicals, metals and alloys & minerals and chemicals.
Call: +(91)-9953354431
Air-Tech EngineersVadodara, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of zeolites. Also offering activated alumina, activated carbon filters, air dryer, ammonia cracker & automatic drain valve.
Call: +(91)-8373903793
Suvidhi IndustriesVapi, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of zeolite aquaculture grade. Also offering acid chemicals, aluminium chemicals & chemical compound.
Call: +(91)-9953352778
Vinzai Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd.Mumbai, IndiaDistributor and manufacturer of zeolites which are widely used in industry for water purification, as catalysts, for the preparation of advanced materials and in nuclear reprocessing. Also offering calcium products and effluent treatment chemicals.
Call: +(91)-8373903664
Triveni ChemicalsVapi, IndiaWe are manufacturer & exporter of zeolites, analcite. We also offer 1, 3-difluoro benzene, 1, 3-propane carboxylic acid, 1-fluoro naphthalene, 2-aminopentanoic acid & 2-fluoro toluene.
Call: +(91)-8447574103
Shree Saibaba Chemical IndustriesMumbai, IndiaWe are a leading manufacturer & exporter of silicate zeolite & zeolite. We also deal in ramming mass, kaolin powder, sodium silicate powder, silica fume & silicate powder.
Call: +(91)-8048019137
Sushil CorporationIndore, IndiaManufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and trader of zeolites. Also offering other detergent chemicals, SLES, acid slury ( LABSA ) and AOS (alfa olefin sulfate).
Call: +(91)-8588811553
SRD ChemicalsDelhi, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing and supplying of zeolite such as zeolite compounds, micro-crystalline zeolite, synthesized zeolites and micro nutrients providing zeolites. Also offering surfactants, inorganic salts, oxidizers or bleaches and enzymes.
Call: +(91)-8048554873
Archit ChemDelhi, IndiaManufacturer & trader of a wide range of products which include zeolite, acid. Also offering bentonite, kaolin powder, magnesium carbonate & calcium carbonate.
Call: +(91)-8447571517
Swastika Constant CareKolkata, IndiaManufacturing, exporting and supplying of zeolite, zeolite compounds, micro-crystalline zeolite, synthesized zeolites and micro nutrients providing zeolites.
Call: +(91)-8377807246
Advance Chemical Sales CorporationDelhi, IndiaManufacturer & trader of zeolites, zeolite (aquaculture grade). Also offering zinc acetate dihydrate, potassium persulphate & magnesium sulphate dried.
Call: +(91)-8586966481
Peekay Minerals & Allied Products, Jaipur (India)Jaipur, IndiaSupplier and exporter of zeolite which includes mineral zeolites, pure zeolites, processed zeolite and powder zeolite.
Call: +(91)-9953358523
Riddhi ChemicalsMumbai, IndiaTrader & supplier of zeolite. Also offering chemicals gallery, emulsion, grinding media, minerals & pigments.
Call: +(91)-9953355298
Suraj EnterprisesMumbai, IndiaManufacturing zeolite powder.
Call: +(91)-9323612419
SACHDEV HOLDINGS (A GROUP CO. OF CHEMICALS INDIA)Pune, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of zeolite 4a, 4a zeolite for detergent builder. Also offering 4a zeolite for detergent builder, sodium aluminium silicate, zeolite 4a, zeolite 4a detergent grade & zeolite detergent grade.
Call: +(91)-8043257368
Bajaj Chemicals, DelhiDelhi, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an extensive range of zeolites that includes naturally zeolites, industrial zeolites, crystalline zeolites and natural volcanic zeolites.
Call: +(91)-8447567967
Dev InternationalMumbai, IndiaLeading exporter & wholesaler of zeolite liquid. Also offering surfactants chemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate powder, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, zeolite liquid, acid slurry sulphate.
Call: +(91)-8043048588
Tarohe FormulationsHyderabad, IndiaManufacturer & supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite adsorbent. Also offering chelated mineral, dissolved oxygen generator, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen liquid & oxygen powder.
Call: +(91)-8587049599
Calbonate Enterprises Private LimitedSalem, IndiaLeading manufacturer & supplier of zeolite, zeolites, calcite powder, calcium carbonate, dolomite powder, feldspar powder & limestone minerals from India.
Call: +(91)-8588874517
Glaucus AquatechKolkata, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of natural zeolite. Also offering chlorine crystal, algaecide chemical, aquarium fish medicine & disinfectant chemical.
Call: +(91)-9643336167
Vivekananda ChemicalsHyderabad, IndiaLeading manufacturer & supplier of zeolite, zeolites, chemical compound, laboratory chemicals, magnesium chloride & polymer chemicals from India.
Call: +(91)-7053135893
Sorbead IndiaVadodara, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of zeolites. Also offering activated alumina, cargo dry pack, chromatography adsorbents, desiccant & desiccant packets.
Call: +(91)-8447557539
Satyam Chemical IndustriesAhmedabad, IndiaWe are a leading manufacturer of zeolite, ammonium bisulphate, ammonium thiosulphate, anhydrous sodium sulphate, citro-w & potassium sulphate.
Call: +(91)-9873149075
Noida Chemicals. (a Unit Of Acuro Organics Limited)Noida, IndiaManufacturer & wholesaler of zeolite molecular sieves. Also offering molecular sieves, carbon molecular sieves and zeolite molecular sieves.
Call: +(91)-9654288547

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