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Funnels Suppliers in India
Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd.Ambala, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of funnels such as analytical funnel, distillation funnel, dropping funnel, filtering funnel, pressure equalizing funnel, separating funnel, stand funnel, conical flask along with distillation flask and thermous flask.
Call: +(91)-8071865137
Riviera Glass Private LimitedMumbai, IndiaSuppliers and exporter of funnels like glass funnels, long stem funnels, laboratory funnels, laboratory long stem funnels and glass laboratory funnels along with crystallizing dishes, glass desiccators, culture tubes and glass burettes.
Call: +(91)-8079451649
Scientific Glass CreationsAmbala, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnel such as buchner funnel, buchner filter funnel, laboraotry buchner funnel, sintered buchner funnel, sintered glass buchner funnel and glass buchner funnel. Also offering steam distillation heads.
Call: +(91)-8045329219
Sadana BrothersNew Delhi, IndiaSupplier of funnel like tul green funnels and laboratory funnels. Also offering feeding bottels, wind vanes, animal cages, sling psychometry thermometers, electrophoresis gel tanks, food calorimeters and slide staining kits.
Call: +(91)-8079446711
M. V. ScientificVadodara, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer of funnels like chemical solvent funnels, hospitals funnels, laboratorical funnels and pathologies funnels. Also offering other products like trays enamel without cover and volumetric flasks.
Call: +(91)-8079454516
Krishna Allied Industries Private LimitedMumbai, IndiaExporter and manufacturer of funnel such as milk funnel, steel milk funnel and stainless steel funnel. Also offering stainless steel can plungers, steel can plungers, stainless steel plungers and milking machines.
Call: +(91)-8079447080
Salooja Brothers Private LimitedNew Delhi, IndiaExporter and supplier of funnel like buchner funnels, plastic funnels, disposable plastic funnels, glass funnels, thistle funnels and laboratory funnels. Also offering other products like hanger for slotted weight.
Call: +(91)-8046039756
Disha InternationalNew Delhi, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of funnels, silver wine funnel, sterling silver wine funnels and decorative silver wine funnels. Also offering silver tea sets, silver coffee sets, baby silver cups and silver egg cups.
Call: +(91)-8048078704
Metropolitan Scientific CompanyNew Delhi, IndiaManufacturing of funnels such as laboratory funnels, long stem funnels and laboratory long stem funnels. Also deals in magnifiers, measuring cylinders, flasks, bug views, slide boxes, microscopes and bottles.
Call: +(91)-8045338244
Edutek InstrumentationAmbala, IndiaExporting and manufacturing a range of funnels, glass funnels and laboratory glass funnels. Also offering beakers, flasks, petrid dish, pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinders and jars etc.
Call: +(91)-8079465579
Sabar ScientificAhmedabad, IndiaDealing in manufacturing and supplying of funnels that includes laboratory funnels, glass funnels, long stem funnels, filtering glass funnels, Buchner Funnels and separation glass funnels.
Call: +(91)-8048600380
Geeta IndustriesJagadhri, IndiaExporting funnel such as stemless funnel, stainless steel funnels, long stem funnel and buchner funnel. Also offering stainless steel milk collection trays, stainless steel liquid measure sets, stainless steel sample bottles.
Call: +(91)-8079447363
Glastron Laboratory EquipmentsAmbala, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnels which includes separating funnel, separating funnel with PTFE needle valve, separating funnel with PTFE key stopcock, laboratory funnel and industrial funnel. Also offering funnel in India.
Call: +(91)-8046060192
Garg Process Glass India Private LimitedMumbai, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnel that includes laboratory funnels, short stem funnels and funnels with stopcock. Also offering glass distillation unit, glass reaction unit and glass extraction assemblies.
Call: +(91)-8079450359
Bhalaria Metal Craft Private LimitedThane, IndiaExporter and manufacturer of funnels which includes mouth funnels, steel mouth funnels, stainless steel mouth funnels, wide mouth funnels, wide mouth funnels with handle and funnel deluxe.
Call: +(91)-8079453950
Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Private LimitedAmbala, IndiaManufacturing and supplying of funnels such as buchner funnel, molded buchner funnel, plastic buchner funnel, polypropylene buchner funnel, 70mm buchner funnel, hygienic buchner funnel, 110mm buchner funnel and laboratory buchner funnel.
Call: +(91)-8048602544
ACME Scientific InternationalNew Delhi, IndiaManufacturers and exporters of drum funnel, laboratorical drum funnels, light weight drum funnels, leak proof drum funnels, 6 inch diameter drum funnels, viscosity measuring drum funnels and liquid viscosity measuring drum funnels.
Call: +(91)-8071802228
Lab Soul, IndiaAmbala, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnel such as laboratory funnels, cylindrical funnels, separating funnels, glass funnels, long stem funnels and powder funnels. Also offering measuring cylinder with round base and centrifuge tubes.
Call: +(91)-8079453286
Abbot & AbbotAmbala, IndiaSupply and manufacture a range of funnels, thistle head funnels and laboratory thistle head funnels. Also offering other equipment like dilatometers, vacum desiccators, separatory funnel holders and retort stands.
Call: +(91)-9315115265
Unicon Engineering IndustriesBengaluru, IndiaManufacturing and supplying funnels which includes anti spill funnels and industrial anti spill funnels. Also offering conveyors, screw conveyors, weild jig, roof ceiling weild jigs and diverter flaps.
Call: +(91)-8045336222
Amisha EnterpriseVadodara, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer funnels which includes plastic funnels, light weight plastic funnels and laboratory plastic funnels. Also offering other laboratory products like hydrometer jars and beakers.
Call: +(91)-8079465818
F. B. IndustriesKolkata, IndiaExporting and supplying funnel such as drum funnels, oil funnel, industrial oil funnel and metal oil funnel. Also offering grommet, brass hammer, dustpan metal, steel marline spike and scrapper deck.
Call: +(91)-8071683021
Ravish Industries, DelhiNew Delhi, IndiaManufacturers of funnel, magnetic rolls, magnetic stands, galvanized iron tanks, quench tanks, air dye and extension unit used in industries related to crawler cranes, escalator step chains, heavy duty conveying applications, coal mining and quarrying.
Call: +(91)-9811592973
Bharat Surgical ImpexGurgaon, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of funnel, separating funnels, dropping funnels and laboratory funnels. Also dealing in other laboratory glass wares such as burettes, pipettes, ground joints, volumetric flasks and test tubes.
Call: +(91)-8079459619
Patronage Filtex India Pvt. LtdKolhapur, IndiaManufacturing and supplying drum funnels which includes large drum funnel, laboratory drum funnel, metallic large drum funnel, industrial drum funnel, customized drum funnels and corrosion resistance large drum funnel.
Call: +(91)-8071802094
Upashna EnterprisesGurgaon, IndiaSupplier of funnel that includes anti spill funnel, glass funnels and laboratory funnels. Also offering other products like glass flasks, ground joints, glass ground joints, glass tubes, test tubes and sintered ware.
Call: +(91)-8071801132
Arrow Fine ChemicalsRajkot, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnels which includes plastic funnel, separator funnel, analytical funnel and buchner funnel. Also offering volumetric flask, conical flask, flask stand and plastic aspirator bottle.
Call: +(91)-8079466439
Huzefa Tins & BinsMumbai, IndiaManufactures and export funnels, plastic funnels, filter funnels, thistle funnels, dropping funnels, laboratory funnels, house hold funnels and petrol pump funnels.
Call: +(91)-8079447904
Shanti Engineering WorksRishra, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of funnels which includes precision funnels, industrial funnels and metallic funnels.
Call: +(91)-9748788827

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