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Sodium Bromide Suppliers in India
Yogi Dye Chem Pvt Ltd. (a Unit Of Forbes Pharmaceuticals)Mumbai, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of sodium bromides, sodium bromides powder, white sodium bromides, laboratory sodium bromides, crystalline sodium bromides powder and industrial sodium bromides powder. Also offering drug intermediates.
Call: +(91)-8376805991
New Alliance Dye Chem Private LimitedMumbai, IndiaManufacturing and exporting sodium bromide. Also offers ammonium acetate, sodium acetate, potassium acetate, zinc acetate, calcium acetate, magnesium acetate, manganese acetate, barium acetate and cadmium acetate.
Call: +(91)-8376806607
Nilkanth OrganicsMumbai, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide. Also offering alpha bromo-4-benzyloxy propiophenones, benzyloxy propiophenone - 4, chemical compound, drugs intermediates & pharmaceuticals & hydroxy propiophenones - 4.
Call: +(91)-8447572792
Forbes PharmaceuticalMumbai, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing and supplying of sodium bromide, industrial sodium bromide, pharmaceutical sodium bromide, industrial powdered bromide, white crystalline powder sodium bromide.
Call: +(91)-9953355792
S. V. EnterprisesMumbai, IndiaDeals in exporting and supplying sodium bromide and pharmaceutical sodium bromide. Also offers sodium bi sulphite, calcium carbonate, cobalt chloride and magnesium carbonate.
Call: +(91)-9953353145
Nikunj ChemicalsVadodara, IndiaDeals in manufacturing and supplying of sodium bromide such as white crystallined sodium bromide, sodium bromide for water treatment and powered sodium bromide.
Call: +(91)-9953364719
Mody Chemi-Pharma Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of sodium bromide. Also offering para bromo toluene, zinc bromide, ammonium bromide, para bromo phenol & calcium bromide.
Call: +(91)-8447545496
Acuro Organics Ltd, New DelhiNew Delhi, IndiaManufacturer of sodium bromide, sodium bisulphite, non ferric alum powder, wastewater treatment chemical, chemical preservatives & hydrated lime.
Call: +(91)-8373903549
Krishna Chemicals, VadodaraVadodara, IndiaManufacturer of sodium bromide, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrite, sodium carbonate monohydrate, speciality chemicals & potassium salts.
Call: +(91)-9953355930
PK Chlorochem Private LimitedVadodara, IndiaExporter & trader of sodium bromide, reagent acs. Also offering acs reagent, acs reagents, acs reagents products, acid & aluminum.
Call: +(91)-8046029561
Powder Pack ChemMumbai, IndiaTrader of sodium bromide (extra pure), potassium acetate, calcium iodide, silver sulfate, cadmium carbonate & lithium chloride.
Call: +(91)-8377804574
Triveni chemicalsVapi, IndiaDeals in supplying of sodium bromide, barium bromide, ammonium bromide, magnesium bromide, potassium bromide. Also offering ammonium hydrogen carbonate, potassium hydrogen carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Call: +(91)-8447574103
Sujay ChemicalsNavi Mumbai, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer of sodium bromide that includes laboratorical crystalline sodium bromide powder, powdered sodium bromide, crystalline sodium bromide powder and white crystalline sodium bromide powder.
Call: +(91)-9953356930
A. B. EnterprisesMumbai, IndiaWe are manufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide, sodium bromide. We also offer additives and ingredients, aluminium chlorohydrate, anthranilamide derivatives, aromatic amines - nhr1r2 & azetidine derivatives.
Call: +(91)-8447499310
Windia Chemicals P. Ltd.Chennai, IndiaManufacturer and supplier of sodium bromide which includes sodium bromide chemical and powder sodium bromide. Also offering potassium chemicals, potassium bromate, sodium bromate and sodium chemicals.
Call: +(91)-8447503005
Triveni Aromatics And Perfumery Private LimitedVapi, IndiaOur product range includes sodium bromide. We are leading supplier of sodium bromide, acenes, acetals, acetanilides, acetate esters & acetic acids from India.
Call: +(91)-8376808198
Destiny ChemicalsVadodara, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide. Also offering gypsum powder, industrial chemical, iron ore & phosphogypsum granule.
Call: +(91)-8586973010
A. B. EnterprisesMumbai, IndiaManufacturer of sodium bromide, sodium acetate anhydrous, nitric acid, acid slurry, potassium nitrate & ammonium molybdate.
Call: +(91)-9953353451
Ashi Inc (A Unit Of Acuro Organics Limited)New Delhi, IndiaManufacturer of sodium bromide, catalysts, defoamer, non ionic surfactant, liquor ammonia & sodium hypochlorite.
Call: +(91)-9654285740
National Chemical IndustriesThane, IndiaEngaged in manufacture, export and supply of sodium bromide, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulphate, potassium chloride, potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate, sodium acetate hydrated, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate.
Call: +(91)-8377803952
Yogi Dye Chem IndustriesMumbai, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of sodium bromide which includes sodium bromide powder, white crystalline sodium bromide powder which is used in photography and various intermediate dyes. Also offering sodium bromate.
Call: +(91)-8373903353
A. S. Joshi And CompanyMumbai, IndiaWe are a leading supplier of sodium bromide. Also offering fine chemicals and minerals, intermediates, metals and metallic salts, organic inorganic chemicals and solvents & pharmaceutical bulk drugs [ apis ].
Call: +(91)-9953364890
Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Private LimitedVadodara, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide liquid, sodium bromide powder, sodium bromide liquid for oil wells. Also offering sodium bromide, sodium bromide liquid & sodium bromide powder.
Call: +(91)-9953361313
Pat ImpexVadodara, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide powder and liquid. Also offering agricultural chemicals, aromatic chemicals, artificial sweetener, calcium chloride & ceramic chemicals.
Call: +(91)-8049443728
Raj Chemical WorksDelhi, IndiaManufacturer & wholesaler of sodium bromide. Also offering ammonium alum, boiler chemicals, detergent chemicals, edta chemical compounds & effluent treatment plant chemicals.
Call: +(91)-9643206017
Tirupati EnterprisesMumbai, IndiaLeading manufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide. Also offering commercial chemicals, sodium bromide, soda feldspar - na2o, sodium chloride & calcium bromide.
Call: +(91)-8588804718
Jan EnterprisesChennai, IndiaLeading trader & supplier of sodium bromide, sodium bromide, aluminium salts, ammonium molybdate, ammonium salts, barium salt & bleaching chemicals from India.
Call: +(91)-8377806548
Ganesh Chem-Tech Pvt. Ltd.Ahmedabad, IndiaWe are a leading trader & supplier of sodium bromide. We also deal in trisodium phosphate, sodium sulphate, dicalcium phosphate & phosphoric acid.
Call: +(91)-8048024666
Advance Chemical Sales CorporationDelhi, IndiaLeading manufacturer of sodium bromide, sodium bromide, acetates products, acids, amino acid, citrates & tartrates & e.T.P. Chemicals from India.
Call: +(91)-8586966481
Alpha ChemikaMumbai, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of sodium bromide. Also offering absorption indicators, acid organic, acids inorganic, acrylic monomer & agarose.
Call: +(91)-9953362837

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