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Industrial Chemicals Suppliers in India

3M Kitchen EquipmentsBengaluru, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer of ovens which includes pizza oven double deck for hotels, pizza oven double deck for restaurants, pizza oven double deck, pizza oven, kitchen pizza oven and kitchen oven.
Call: +(91)-8048566767
3a Exports (It Div)Mumbai, India3 A Exports supplying abrasive chemicals that includes industrial water soluble abrasive chemicals, pharmaceutical abrasive chemical, water soluble abrasive chemicals and laboratrical abrasive chemicals.
Call: +(91)-8377805014
Abi Group Of CompaniesThoothukudi, IndiaSupplier and exporter of ferric aluminium sulphate, pharmaceutical ferric aluminium sulphate, pure ferric aluminium sulphate, laboratorical ferric aluminium sulphate, formulated ferric aluminium sulphate and inorganic ferric aluminium sulphate.
Call: +(91)-9500476633
Abil Chem Pharma Private LimitedMumbai, IndiaEngaged in supplying of pharmaceutical chemical, betamethasone salts, allylestrenol, phenyl propanolamine hcl, dexamethasone salts, miconazole nitrate, clobetasol salts, artesunate sterile, meclizine hcl bp and tolterodine tartrate.
Call: +(91)-9820231966
Aceto Chem Private LimitedSurat, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of food chemicals which includes sodium salt hydrate, sodium naphthionate, phenyl alpha naphthylamine chemical and pure sodium naphthionate.
Call: +(91)-8079450719
Advanced Technocracy Inc.Ambala, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of ovens such as vacuum ovens, hot air ovens, tray drying ovens, metallic ovens, laboratory ovens and mild steel ovens. also offering anaerobic culture jars and dry thermometers.
Call: +(91)-8079450364
Aerol Formulations Private LimitedNew Delhi, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing and supplying of adhesive sealants which includes automotive adhesive sealants, gaskets adhesive sealants, solvent free adhesive sealants and commercial adhesive sealants.
Call: +(91)-8079450696
Allen Petro Chemicals Private LimitedMeerut, IndiaSupplying and manufacturing industrial solvents that includes diethylene glycol, mineral turpentine oil, methylene dichloride and cashew nut shell liquid. Also offers tetrahydrofuran chemical and cardanol.
Call: +(91)-8042958565
Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Panvel, IndiaExport and manufacturer of foam boosters, cocomonoethanolamide, ethyleneglycolmonosterate, cocodiethanolamide, speciality chemicals, benzalkonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride liquid, industrial emulsifiers and emulsifying wax.
Call: +(91)-8079453553
Angel Starch And Food Private LimitedErode, IndiaExporting, supplying and manufacturing adhesive chemicals that includes maize starch, tapioca starch, cationic starch, white cationic starch, glass wool cationic starch, industrial cationic starch and carboxy methyl starch.
Call: +(91)-8048601978
Aquapure & Perfect ChemicalsBengaluru, IndiaDeals in supplying of calcium oxide like natural calcium oxide, industrial calcium oxide, domestic calcium oxide, powder calcium oxide, chemical calcium oxide and solid calcium oxide.
Call: +(91)-8447570571
Aquashakti Water SolutionAhmedabad, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer of boiler treatment chemicals that includes softener resins, RO anti scalants, boiler cleaning chemicals and cooling tower chemicals. Also offering RO spares, FRP vessels and multiport valves.
Call: +(91)-8079466515
Aquatic ChemicalsMumbai, IndiaEngaged in exporting and supplying of chemicals, specialty chemicals like brassinolides, bio granules plus, amino acids, nitrobenzene based amino acids, roasted bentonite granules, humic acid and organic humic acids.
Call: +(91)-8079452527
Arihant ChemicalVapi, IndiaWe are a leading trader and supplier of borax which have following features like white colored powder, soluble in water and used as a flux in metallurgy.
Call: +(91)-8447407153
Ashok Alco- Chem LimitedMumbai, IndiaWe are Ranked 1st In Chemical Sector & Ranked 6th Among Top 500 Fastest Growing Midsized Companies In India According to INC Magazine Sept 2013.
Call: +(91)-8377802723